Complete Rebrand
Project Details

Client: Glispa

Date: 2018

Online: ONLINE

Glispa had to reposition itself on the market thanks to a grown and more complex product suite. The idea was to rebrand Glispa and it's products to make it easier to understand its business model and to attract new clients.

With a team of 4, we had to revamp Glispa from A to Z within 3 months. That included not only giving Glispa a new face, like to create all marketing material company wide and set new standards - it also meant to adjust all existing products and connected platforms. Designing and developing the website was the last step in a long process to go live with a successful rebrand package.
The project included:
  • Marketing Material
    (Fyler, Roll-ups, Presentations)
  • Brand- / Styleguide
  • Webdesign & development
  • Merchandise
  • Event booth design

 All works